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Buy seeds and plants from organic farming
The typical organic gardener also dispenses with chemistry when growing his plants. There is now a wide range of vegetables and fruits that come from organic farming – not only seeds, but also young plants. If you are looking for something special for your balcony garden, you should look for old, seed-proof varieties. Although they cannot quite keep up with the modern F1 varieties in yield and flowering, they are often more robust than these and optimally adapted to the climate if they come from the Region. In addition, it is important to promote variety diversity, because especially with vegetables, many old land varieties are now threatened with extinction. You’ll find what you’re looking for at Plant markets, seed festivals, online exchanges and specialist seed providers.

Blooming variety in the balcony garden
Do not only plant geraniums and strawberries, but pay attention to a species-rich planting of your balcony garden. Mixed crops have the advantage that their plants are more robust and less susceptible to diseases and pests.

If you want to offer insects a food source, create a blooming wildflower box. Of course, cultivated varieties can be just as attractive traditional plants as wild species – but it is important to have “”open””, i.e. unfilled flowers, so that the insects can get close to the nectar and the plants can also supply them with Pollen. In addition, make sure that something blooms in your balcony garden throughout the season: for example, put flower bulbs in autumn so that insects such as wild bees can find food in early spring.

This makes the balcony garden even more animal-friendly
Do not cut off the plants in autumn, as these form winter quarters for insects. On such”” untidy””, not over-maintained balconies, birds will gladly stop by and pick out seeds. Have confidence that in case of an infestation with aphids, after some time the so-called beneficial insects such as ladybirds and flower flies will appear and decimate the aphid colonies.

With an insect hotel on the balcony, you can ensure that the beneficial insects find a suitable winter accommodation and are also on site in spring. It is only important that you hang it in a sunny, rain-protected place.

Also provide suitable food and a water bowl for birds – even outside the winter months. And: stick so-called Bird Tape on your window panes so that the reflecting glass surfaces do not become a deadly danger for the birds. These are glued-on strips that make the discs visible to the feathered friends. They should not be more than ten centimetres apart.

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