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36 wunderbare kleine Balkon Garten Ideen 36 wunderbare kleine Balkon Garten Ideen / #Balkon #Garten #Ideen #kleine #tollegartenideen

With our garden tips for June, balcony or terrace become the second living room in summer. Because let’s be honest: in the middle of a sea of flowers, the warm season can only really be enjoyed. With the appropriate care, your plants make a good figure throughout the summer.

Increase Angel Trumpets
The easiest way to propagate Angel Trumpets is via cuttings. For this, cut off shoots with a clean, sharp knife directly below a leaf node. Make sure to use only offshoots from the upper, so-called flowering area of the plant. The lower leaves are removed, soil or Sand is suitable as a plug substrate, whereby the offshoot should be inserted about four centimetres deep into the substrate. Good rooting occurs at high humidity and temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius.

Guide exotic climbing plants correctly
Climbing pot plants such as the passion flower or the dipladenia make considerable increases in June. Make sure that the shoots do not get tangled up with other plants and cut back too long shoots if necessary. A trapezoidal tendril made of bamboo sticks helps to fan the shoots upwards so that as many new flowers as possible form.

Keep high stems in shape
Many tall stems also occasionally form new shoots on the trunk. Break them out as soon as possible along with the Astring at the starting point, before they become woody. Our garden tip: also regularly prune Crown shoots that are too long so that they branch out and the crown remains compact.

Citrus plants repotting
When the roots have completely penetrated the old pot, the time has come to repot for citrus plants. In contrast to most other pot plants, this happens “”in full juice””, that is, only in June. Experience shows that the plants then grow particularly well. The new pot should be a maximum of five centimetres in diameter. As a substrate, it is best to use special citrus plant soil-it contains mineral components such as clay granules or lava chips.

Fertilizing Angel Trumpets as needed
In addition to the high water consumption, Angel Trumpets also have a large nutrient requirement. Liquid solid fertiliser has proven its worth, which is added once or twice a week from May to August via the watering water. Instead of liquid fertilizer, you can also mix long – term fertilizer into the soil; this should be repeated over the summer two to three times. Our garden tip: instead of the highly concentrated blue grain, it is better to use a special fertilizer for potted plants from specialist retailers.

Crepe lavender for the balcony
Although it appears a little swirly and is not quite frost hardy, the crested lavender (Lavandula stoechas) is gaining more and more Fans. It can be recognized by long apparent flowers, which stand conspicuously above the real flowers. The lime-sensitive sun worshippers prefer sheltered locations and rainwater. When pruned in autumn, flowering begins already in spring. Wintering takes place in the House – frost-free and bright.

Cutting shaped Woods
Box balls and other shaped Woods, which stand in the bucket on the terrace, must now be shaped like their relatives in the open ground. Handy cordless shrub shears are particularly suitable for this purpose. With a template, the cut works smoothly even with ball shapes.

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